About LCS Security


LCS Security incorporated in 2003, therefore has a good solid foundation in place. LCS Security covers mainly the London area, but can cover further afield given the time to do so, we believe in a strong hands on practical approach to your Security and the Security services provided. LCS Security's management operate in a clear and open manner and the management team prides itself on a willingness to listen to all feedback gained from all sources, using that feedback to scrutinise themselves and procedures, this ensures that LCS moves forward. LCS Security has the drive to move and change with requirements thereby assisting growth through action and forward thinking.

Why LCS Security?


LCS Security offers high quality services,

supported by a strong management team.

The management team has several key members with 14 years plus experience within Security and utilising experienced staff some with 15 years plus within the armed forces. LCS has a strict but ethical recruitment policy with most of the staff sourced by way of recommendation. Our services are specifically designed to the needs of our clients. They are well managed and supervised with regular evaluation and assessment of all aspect to allow LCS to maintain and adjust our services to keep them at the pinnacle of the industry and indeed the clients' requirements. At LCS we recognise that security services must evolve based on effectiveness, professionalism and competency therefore providing a service that is specific to the requirement of the clients which is honest, effective and competitive.

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