Alarm Response


LCS Security 24/7

Alarm Response


LCS will respond immediately to an alarm activation, our Officers will arrive at the property soonest, (usually within 2 or 3 minutes of receiving the call), they will then establish if there are any signs of foul play or break in.


Our Officers will call you, your key holder, police, fire brigade or indeed any combination of these dependant on the circumstances, our officers will not leave until they are sure it is ok to do so.


This would normally be when your property is safe and secure and/or a keyholder is in attendance.

LCS Security 24/7

On-Call Response


Within LCS desingnated patrol routes and times, Our officers are on call to our customers.


If for any reason you are in a situation where you feel uncomfortable, unsure or ill at ease, we are only a phone call away.


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